Car Configurator

FIE Car Configurator

The FIE Car Configurator is a state-of-the-art solution to implement your company car policy on a national and international level. It simplifies the sourcing process of your fleet by providing drivers an easy-to-use solution to configure their new company car.
Therefore a Car Configurator is an ideal instrument towards process orientation to drive efficiency and ultimately to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


Cloud Solution

Access the FIE Car Configurator easily with a web browser, a tablet or a mobile phone

Global & Multilingual

The FIE Car Configurator is currently available in more than 50 countries and 12 languages

Car Policy

Manage global car policies in a convenient way and profit financially by reducing your overall TCO



Depending on whether you buy or lease vehicles, you can choose from more than 80 different predefined logics to calculate vehicle/options prices, driver contribution, country specific taxes and plenty of other figures.


Define mandatory and prohibited equipment for all vehicles based on your car policy. You are able to create a very fine grained equipment profile by utilizing approximately 50.000 vehicle attributes.

Reduce TCO

Gain control of the parameters that influence your fleet expenses the most. This will give you the power to adjust them accordingly, if needed. Paired with the right decisions, you position yourself to lower your total cost of ownership (TCO).


Approve incoming vehicle orders via integrated multi level workflows. Typically you would include a supervisor, finance department or other third parties into the workflow at this stage.

Multi Bidding

Use multi bidding to ensure that you are ordering at the best market price. The bidding platform is tightly integrated and easily accessible for suppliers, so you won't lose time during the ordering process.


When you decide to order vehicles in bundles, a reverse eAuction is your instrument of choice to find the best price available. Our state-of-the-art real time platform will help you to avoid costs.

The FIE Car Configurator is designed for different use cases

Fleet Manager & International Fleets

Leasing Companies

Banks & Insurance Companies

Car Dealerships



The Car Configurator is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution. It can be hosted in a single tenant environment by FIE or on your own server.


The product can be used as a standalone version or integrated into other systems. FIE's Fleet Management Solution provides deep integration with the Car Configurator, but you can plug it into any other system via interfaces easily.


The modular architecture enables us to easily customize the Car Configurator visually and functionally. We will tailor fit it exactly according to your needs.

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