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FIE Fleet Management Software


The FIE Fleet Management Software is a cloud based workbench for the daily work of a fleet manager. It acts as a central fleet data center integrated with an intelligent user interface and assists by automating many tasks in a smart way.

Discover how our solution helps you to enhance your daily work in fleet management


Cloud Solution

Access the system 24/7 easily with a web browser, a tablet or a mobile phone

One Fleet Solution

Consolidate all fleet operations into one system and manage processes centrally

Global & Multilingual

The system supports more than 200 countries, 15 languages and multiple currencies


Driver & Vehicle Management

Manage driver and vehicle data in one place. Benefit further from a constant overview about current and historical vehicle allocations.

Fleet Process Manager

A perfect instrument to automate recurring and manual tasks. By reducing manual intervention you can eliminate errors and save resources at the same time.

Business Intelligence for Fleet

Employ advanced business intelligence techniques like ETL, OLAP, Crosstabs, Charts and Dashboards to gain deep insights into your fleet data in realtime.

Contract Analysis

Constant analysis of running contracts helps to identify additional savings potential within the lifecycle of your vehicles.

Cost Analysis

Define key performance indicators (KPI) for your fleet and measure them in an ongoing manner. Then monitor how your decisions and actions impact the TCO. This builds the basis to achieve savings within your fleet in the future.

Mileage & Fuel Analysis

By analyzing mileage and fuel data you will get insights about an important part of your variable costs. Furthermore it will reveal interesting details about driver behaviour on which you can act on.

Document Management

Never lose vehicle related documents anymore. Through an intelligent search you are able to find all required documents quickly whenever you need them.

Fine Management

Organize, process and forward incoming fines in an easy way. Detailed reports provide you information about type, driver, date and amount.

Role-Based Permissions

Our enterprise portal solution supports multi level role-based permissions. It allows you to define granular permission profiles based on countries, legal entities, departments etc.

Reminder & Schedules

Individual reminders and schedules are deeply integrated with the process manager. So you won't forget important deadlines within your daily work.

Pool Car Management

Manage pool car locations, slots and allocations in a unique way. The system automatically performs availability checks and optimizes manual allocations.

Accident Management

Integrate your accident manager of choice or use our extensive accident reporter. The resulting overview report will give you action points on how you might adjust insurances in order to stay financially efficient.

The FIE Fleet Management Software is designed for different use cases

Fleet Manager & International Fleets

Leasing Companies

Fleet Service Provider

Small Businesses



The Fleet Management Software is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution. It can be hosted in a single tenant environment by FIE or on your own server.


The product itself is designed as a standalone version and deeply integrated with other FIE solutions. Nevertheless we provide numerous interfaces to third party systems. Single Sign-On compatible.


The modular architecture enables us to easily customize the Fleet Management Software visually and functionally. We will tailor fit it exactly according to your needs.

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