Company Challenges

Merging fleet, travel, expenses and payment disciplines into one unique service offering is one of the highest demands whether you are a local small company or a global conglomerate. Companies are searching of an innovation solution to support their employees to get their jobs done much more efficient.

FIE - FleetsPay - Mobility Payments

The FIE solution

Fleets International Enterprises developed a virtual credit card payment solution which enables the employee to pay virtually the hotel, rental car, flight or any other item via the Web or the FIE Enhanced Mobility App without using a plastic credit card. The FleetsPay solution creates a virtual credit card number with a 15-digit number and works in the same way as a plastic credit card.

Company Benefits

The FleetsPay solution provide our clients to the technological upper-hand with improved compliance, time efficiency, and program visibility. FleetsPay employee program combined with our enhanced Fleet management service solution generates our clients the ability to track, monitor, and reconcile all traveler and fleet spend in one single source.

Eliminated multiple bill payments and billing processes for travel and fleet – this is the aim of Fleets International Enterprises.